Your professional platform for buying used vehicles

Fastback Trade Marketplace was developed to facilitate the lives of automobile professionals in UV sales and purchase.
This tool is offered to you without intermediaries, with a sales commission of 1% for each vehicle purchased,
making Fastback Trade a unique and transparent solution in the automotive marketplace!

You wish to purchase used vehicles from traders all over Europe ? Our Marketplace checks dealership stocks and lists all trade-in/takeover ads that correspond to your criteria. You then effortlessly manage your purchase offers directly online.

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Fastback now offers you more cars, better prices and a complete online shopping experience for cars in Europe.

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Our unique-in-the-market solution

As a true B2B Marketplace for UV sourcing, our solution stands as unique in the used vehicle sales market and this for over 10 years now. It allows you to receive more UV offers, at a lower cost.

As another great feature, before picking up the purchased vehicle, you have the possibility to appoint an expert to verify the vehicle’s state. You can also inform about the transportation cost.

  • Consult vehicle take-over ads for cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and motorbikes from over 2500 European professionals.

  • Easily increase your sourcing possibilities while obtaining the most interesting prices.

Increase your used vehicle purchase volumes

Our solution allows you to increase your purchase volume for used cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and motorbikes for sale at numerous dealerships and traders situated in Europe.

By expanding your prospecting area, you’re guaranteed to find sales ads for the majority of car brand models (Volkswagen, Audi, Renault, Peugeot, Vauxhall/Opel, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Porsche, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Citroën, BMW, etc.).

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The advantages of Fastback Trade Marketplace while managing your UV offers

Our team consists of several automobile professionals. We are therefore perfectly aware of the field reality and go through great lengths to adapt our solutions to your actual needs. Our goal ? To make your work easier and to let you make money by offering you a tool that automates your tasks and lists a vast stock of UV sales ads, with full insurance of getting the best possible price offers.

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The services offered by our Marketplace :

  • You’ll have access to hundreds of dealerships throughout Europe.
  • You’ll receive thousands of trade-in requests throughout the year.
  • You’ll configure your profile in such way to only receive ads that interest you. You’ll define your criteria in function of covered areas, car brands, technical specs, etc.
  • A system was created to evaluate the trustworthiness of the traders that allows you to share your experience with dealerships who publish their ads online.
  • You receive notification alerts for each new offer or either one single email comprising all of the day’s new ads.

Practical functionalities

  • Each application of our software is available in several languages : French, English, Dutch and German.
  • You can access the ads from your desktop via the website or from your tablet or smartphone thanks to the mobile application.
  • Ergonomic and user friendly, you can access all functionalities and options in only a few clicks.
  • You have the possibility to follow a training program that will allow you to use our platform optimally.
  • Our free-of-charge technical support is at our clients’ disposal, by email or by phone, from Monday to Friday, between 9AM and 5PM.

Our Marketplace application, also used for selling UV !

On top of all functionalities that will facilitate buying used vehicles, our Marketplace also allows you to sell ! You’ll be able to offer your UV at fixed price to traders in our vast network and will sell them with great ease.

Managing your UV purchases and sales with simplicity and efficiency is what you look for ? Ask for a free demo of our software !

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