Used vehicle management software for dealerships and traders

Developed especially for automobile dealerships and traders, the Fastback UV management application is a solution that allows you to rapidly and efficiently manage all aspects of your UV stock (cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks, motorbikes, etc.).

Interfaced with your website, you can publish your vehicles and easily manage their distribution.

Choose Fastback : the benefits offered to your company

Centralised data management

Your data, files, e-mail communication and other documents are centralised in a database saved on our secured servers. Loss of data is a thing from the past !

Extensive autonomy and assistance

You’ll easily and fully autonomously manage configuring and personalising the interface.

Our technical support is at your disposal, free of charge 5 days a week between 9AM and 5PM.

Maximum software portability

You access the application in a secured manner, from your house or from abroad. Accessible from any device, from desktop via the site or from your tablet or smartphone via the application.

A cost-effective solution

You’ll enjoy an efficient, complete and cost-effective management platform.

Thanks to a fixed-rate subscription and available options that you select according to your needs, there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Centralised management of your used vehicle department

On one single interface you can manage : your trade-ins, your purchases, preparation of your UVs, your UV stock, the publication of your ads and the sale of your vehicle (to traders and private persons). No more double input which allows for errors and constitutes a waste of time !

Centralised management of your NV/Demo department

Evidently, our solution also applies to the management of your stock of new vehicles, demonstration vehicles, etc.
You can also publish your NVs on the various ad-websites.
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The main functionalities included in the Fastback software for UV Management

You can also select several optional modules, according to your needs.

« It’s really good and easy to manipulate. You can find anything at any time. This offers us much convenience as well as transparency for our trade-in files. Thanks for an impeccable service ! ! »

The Monserez Garage

Manage your UV the way you want to with our « à la carte » options

On top of its basic functions, you can also add different options to the software. These are all tools that answer your specific needs or further optimise the day-to-day management of your used vehicle stock.

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