Who we are


The Fastback application is the product of the collaboration between Fabrice Bruyère and Maxime Biasutti. Throughout the twenty years Fabrice Bruyère worked in an car dealership, he deplored the lack of management tools for used vehicle sales.

In 2010, they get started on the creation of a platform of which the goal is to optimize expertise performance and to centralize information exchanges between sales staff concerning vehicles available in the dealership’s motor pool.

Although first created for personal use, because of its daunting efficiency, Fastback’s use eventually spread within the BMW network that ended up equipping its various dealerships with this solution.

Faced with an ever increasing demand, Fabrice and Maxime decided to wholeheartedly embark on the Fastback-venture by creating the company in 2013.

Today, the Fastback team consists of 11 persons and serves over 1000 dealerships in Belgium and Luxembourg.


At Fastback, the entire team shares 3 core values : professionalism, customer proximity and speed. These 3 core values guide our daily work in order to obtain your full satisfaction.


Several years of experience in the field of car dealerships offered us good knowledge of realities dealt with on the work-floor.

Customer proximity

We remain at your disposal and at your service. It’s your advice and it are your questions that allow us to further develop the application so it can continue to answer your needs in the best possible way.


We guarantee to deliver an application that answers your needs on time.

Our customers