Since 2013, Fastback offers solutions to dealerships and automobile traders in Europe. Our applications were developed to professionalise processing UV trade-ins, to centralise information and to handle communication with sales teams.

Over 2500 European dealerships and traders chose the Fastback tool

A team working constantly on improving our solutions

Over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and 10 years of constant improvements to the Fastback tools

Today’s Fastback in numbers

As an automobile specialist, we gained the trust of numerous dealerships and traders since the creation of our software. We seek to improve it constantly according to the needs of our clients and the evolution of the automotive industry.

Our history

The Fastback application is the result of the collaboration between Fabrice Bruyère and Maxime Biasutti. With over 20 years of experience in a dealership, Fabrice is highly knowledgeable of the automobile sector. During this period, he noticed the manifest lack of management tools for sale and trade-in of used vehicles.

Maxime as for him is a web developer with great passion for automobiles, especially for the Ford Mustang.

In 2010, Fabrice and Maxime embarked on the creation of a platform aimed at professionalising the processing of UV trade-ins, centralising all information and communicating with sales teams.

Fastback - un support technique ultra rapide

« In the past we tried various methods. None of them offered better results than Fastback. I highly recommend Fastback without hesitation. It’s an absolute must ! »

Michel Genet – BMW Genet in Oupeye

Les formations Fastback : applications et modules pour tirer le meilleur parti de votre logiciel de gestion VO

First developed for personal use, Fastback was in the end adopted throughout the BMW network. Thanks to the amazing efficiency of this software solution all the group’s dealerships were equipped with it.

Facing increasing demand from professionals, Fabrice and Maxime decided to devote themselves fully to this adventure. The Fastback company was officially created in 2013 and has had tremendous success ever since.

Today Fastback proposes digital solutions to over 2500 professional clients in Europe. Several automobile manufacturers use our solutions in Europe allowing Fastback to cover nearly 80% of the Benelux market share.

Our values

The core values shared by the entire Fastback team are : professionalism, client proximity and speed. In addition to our high-performance software, these core values guide us in our day-to-day work and help us to achieve full client satisfaction.


Thanks to our experience with automobile dealerships, we are aware of the field reality.

Client proximity

Always ready to listen and at your disposal, we’ll allow our application to evolve by adapting it to your needs and demands according to your advice.


Our efficient application will be delivered in a timely manner.

As the application is user friendly, start up and connecting is swift.

Dealerships and traders placing their trust in our services