Our 3 digital solutions for traders and UV retailers!

Our applications for traders and used vehicle retailers were designed and developed to allow you to increase your vehicle purchases and sales volume. Fastback offers you easy-to-use tools, on your desktop, your tablet and your smartphone.

If you have any questions, our technical support is also at your disposal from Monday to Friday, between 9AM and 5PM.

A competitive price

Our applications are offered at a competitive price.

Moreover, you’ll be able to set up your subscription with only those applications that are useful to you and you’ll always pay the announced price.

Increased purchase opportunities

Our marketplace offers you the possibility to view and receive qualified UV offers from a network of professionals. You can send price offers and purchase effortlessly.

A better UV stock management

Our UV management application allows you to efficiently and rapidly manage the logistic and administrative aspects of your UV stock.

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The Fastback solutions for traders and UV retailers

Our online tools were developed for used vehicle traders and allow you to easily buy, manage and sell a large number of vehicles (cars, light commercial vehicles, motorbikes and trucks). For better efficiency, we also offer you training programs that will allow you to make better use of our software.

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Fastback - Votre plateforme professionnelle pour l’achat de voitures d’occasions

The Fastback Trade Marketplace for your used vehicle purchases

The Fastback Trade Marketplace allows you to define your search criteria for used vehicle purchases. This way, you’ll receive a great number of purchase offers from all over Europe (over 2500 dealerships). Thanks to this assistance in your UV sourcing, without intermediary nor commission, you won’t miss any opportunity and consequently increase your purchase volume. You can also sell your used vehicles at fixed price to our network.

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Fastback - Gérez efficacement vos reprises VO et publiez-les sur notre réseau

Fastback Sales B2B
to facilitate your trade-ins published on Marketplace Trade

Centralising your expertises and trade-ins in one single application? It’s now possible with Fastback Sales B2B. Thanks to Fastback trade Marketplace, you can now publish your vehicle trade-ins for cars, motorbikes, trucks, light commercial vehicles, etc. to hundreds of European traders and dealerships. This allows you to always receive the best price offers for your UV trade-ins. This way, you’ll increase your sales, all this without commission !

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Fastback - Logiciel de gestion de voitures d’occasions pour concessionnaires et marchands

Efficiently manage your UV stock with Fastback UV Management

Our Fastback UV management software allows you to automate the management of your UV stock (cars, motorbikes, trucks, light commercial vehicles, etc.) in a tool that centralises all your documents and tasks. This way, you can manage your UV purchases and publish your offers on ad-websites as well as on our Fastback Trade B2B Marketplace.

Easy-to-use, our solution is accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device (tablet, desktop, smartphone). Fastback UV Management can also be supplemented with our optional modules (preparation, AI, follow-up, photo, etc.).

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