Our UV fleet management solutions for automobile professionals

As an expert in the day-to-day management of UV fleets and in the improvement of fleet performance, the Fastback software offers you different applications and options. Choose the formula that corresponds best to your needs and get a fixed rate subscription without any surprises.

Our solutions were developed specifically for automobile professionals : dealerships, traders, retailers and importers.

Our management solutions for dealerships and automobile traders

Fastback - Gérez efficacement vos reprises VO et publiez-les sur notre réseau

Fastback Sales B2B

With Fastback Sales B2B, you can centralise your expertises and vehicle trade-ins. You can publish your UV trade-ins towards hundreds of European dealerships and traders in order to get the best possible price offer.

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FAstback - Votre plateforme professionnelle pour l’achat de voitures d’occasions

Fastback Trade Marketplace 

Increase your purchase volume. As a unique feature in the automobile market our Fastback Trade Marketplace allows you to increase your UV purchase volume and to sell your trade-ins to over 2500 European dealerships and traders.

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Marketplace Prix Fixe

Marketplace Fastback Fixed Price

Welcome to the new era of online shopping

Fastback now offers you more cars, better prices and a complete online shopping experience for cars in Europe.

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Fastback - Gestion VO

Fastback UV Management

Fastback UV Management is the best software on the market that allows you to manage your purchases, publish your UVs on classifieds and sell on Marketplace Fastback Trade.

Complement Fastback UV management with our other solutions such as our preparation modules, AI, follow-up, delivery, TV, photo’s, etc.

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Fastback Remarketing, la plateforme de négoce automobile destinée aux importateurs

Fastback Remarketing

You’re an automobile importer and you’relooking for THE solution to easily manageyour stock (demos, services, Buy-Back)? Fastback Remarketing is perfect for you ! You can effortlesslypublish and manage your adds. After that, the software will take care of the contact between you and your network of dealerships.

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Fastback, your partner: confidence ensured !

Our solutions are offered to you in full transparency, no unwelcome surprises concerning the price. Easy to adopt, they are ready to be used by your entire team, either by computer or tablet, and are accessible anywhere.

And because not all are familiar with a digital environment, we offer training in the use of our software. Our helpdesk, on its part, will answer all your questions by mail or by phone, from Monday to Friday between 9AM and 5PM.

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