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Increase your sales volume

Fastback Trade is a groundbreaking solution in the field of automobile sales.
You check out trade-ins from over 1300 dealers and Belgian and foreign traders as to increase your purchase options.

With Fastback Trade you save time thanks to the centralization of ads and trade-in requests. Moreover, you broaden your coverage area for commercial prospecting so you can find the best purchase offer for a used vehicle.


Advantages of Fastback Trade

  • You gain access to hundreds of Belgian and foreign dealers.
  • You receive thousands of trade-in requests throughout the year.
  • The Fastback Trade platform is available in French, English, Dutch and German.
  • You set up your profile in order to get only those offers that interest you. You define certain criteria in function of coverage area, makes, technical criteria, etc.
  • A trader reliability evaluation system is applied so you can promote your experience to the dealers.
  • You receive notifications for each new offer or either by a single mail listing all of the day’s new offers.
  • You access offers from your tablet or smartphone thanks to the mobile application.

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