UV stock management software for dealers and car traders

Designed for dealers and car traders, Fastback UV is a solution that allows you to swiftly and efficiently manage your UV stock. It also allows you to print out all necessary documents related to car sale as well as windshield posters.

Fastback UV has a multilingual interface which can be used by one or several dealerships and which incorporates your own website. You easily create, publish and manage content intended for the latter as well as for social networks and specialized sites.

UV stock management software for dealers and car traders.

The Fastback UV application is an IT-solution allowing you to swiftly and efficiently manage your used vehicle stock. Thanks to its integrated quotation system, you’ll receive a market price analysis as well as a Belux transaction price analysis.
Through its multilingual interface you can manage digital offers, print your test documents and publish your stock on specialised websites.


Price degression module – Dynamic price (include in Fastback UV)

Our module will analyse your UV stock weekly and compare it with market prices. Get a notification when a vehicle in your stock is too expensive compared to the market price.

You can also program an automatic price reduction for a vehicle which will automatically reduce the sales price and adapt this on your various add-websites. This module will allow you to improve your stock rotation as well as your sales.

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Manage your UV / NV stock

Fastback UV allows you to simply and easily manage your new and used vehicle stock for all your dealerships on one single interface. On this interface, you enter the technical data, your vehicles’ equipment lists and the photo’s that will be automatically adapted to web format for rapid display.

Create vehicle alerts.

A certain vehicle your client is looking for is not in your stock ? Create an alert !
Fastback UV stores your search criteria and alerts you when a specific vehicle enters your stock. This will improve your follow-up as well as customer loyalty.

Share your automobile offers

Our integrated CRM tool allows you to easily draw up a personalised offer by name that you can hand over to your client. You can also send a personalised digital offer to your prospects. And that’s not all ! Your sellers can efficiently follow-up on made offers (automatic reminders), which will allow them to increase their UV sales volume. Our CMS’s additional advantage is the publication of your offers on social networks and on the specialized sites such as Autoscout, 2eme main or Gocar.

With our application you will boost your visibility on search engines and social networks !

Publish with a single click on automobile-ad portals

With Fastback UV it’s no longer necessary to connect to each automobile-ad site. With a single click our application handles the publication of your ads on the sites of your choice (Autoscout, Gocar, 2èmemain, Vlan, Luxauto, etc.).

TV-screen module (optionally available)

You wish to publish your UV stock on screens positioned in strategic places (workshop reception, showroom), nothing easier thanks to our TV-screen module. Once set up, our module will simultaneously publish your permanently updated UV stock on several TV-screens.

Fastback Capture (optionally available)

Thanks to our Fastback Capture application, you can :

  • Photograph your UV’s with the help of our photo assistant tool
  • Create a 360° exterior video of a vehicle
  • Create 360° panoramic photo of your car’s interior

With just a few clicks, you can publish your UV stock with high quality photos and videos on several ad-websites as well as on your own website.  Your photos and video’s will also be used when creating digital offers for your clients.

Post-delivery follow-up (optionally available)

After delivery of a vehicle to your client, Fastback offers you the chance to ensure professional client follow-up.  A couple of days after delivery, send your client a personalised acknowledgement email or get a notification prompting you to contact him to ensure full customer satisfaction.  You can then program an automatic follow-up of your clients (1 year after delivery, 2 months before expiration of the warranty, 2 months before the end of the financing plan). This will increase customer loyalty and allow you to use all opportunities that present themselves to satisfy your customer’s needs !

Transaction Price

Not only is Fastback able to offer you an analysis of observed market prices (prices noted on various websites) as well as the average « car-trader » price (B2B) allowing you to offer your customers a correct trade-in price. But moreover, Fastback is now able to send you an average transaction price (B2C) as noted on the Belux market.

Thanks to this new functionality you’ll be able to set a correct sales price for your used vehicles (UV) in stock.

The main features

Create administrative documents

With Fastback UV you posses all necessary tools to :

  • rapidly create a trade-in convention, purchase slips
  • print out an order from

Analyse your UV department as well as your sellers’ performance.

Fastback UV allows you to keep a clear view on your activity :

  • statistics and reports concerning your activity’s different variables (vehicles in stock, stock rotation, stock age-average, seller efficiency, generated margins, etc)
  • establish sales objectives and follow-up on their achievement
  • Analyse your sales team’s activities (expertises, most traded in makes, deal success rate, projection of inflows, …)
  • Follow your car trader sales and generated profits per trader
  • Get a full analysis of your stock (stock rotation, average vehicle age, preparation cost and projected sales margin)
  • Get an analysis of your consumer sales per seller/per dealership.
  • Analyse the average vehicle standstill time for your UV’s in preparation as well as the average time required for vehicle preparation for each department (body work, mechanics and aesthetics). All this is at your disposal thanks to the preparation module (optionally available)

The advantages for your company

  • Centralized data management

    Your data, files, email exchanges and other documents are centralized in one database saved on our secured servers. No more loss of data !

  • Extended autonomy

    You easily and in total autonomy manage the platform set-up. However, should you encounter difficulties or should you have any questions, our tech support is at your disposal, fully complimentary, 5 days a week from 9 am till 5 pm.

  • Optimum portability

    You access the application where and when you wish from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone). You manage files and follow up on your company’s activity from your home or from abroad in total security.

  • A centralised management of your used vehicles department.

    On one single interface you can now manage : your trade-ins, your purchases, the preparation of your UV’s, your UV stock, the publishing of your UV’s and your vehicle sales (to traders and to consumers).

    Gone are the days of double data input which allows for error and is an absolute waste of time !

Why choose Fastback UV

Our Fastback UV application was designed and developed by professionals in the automobile sector to facilitate managing and selling off UV stock.

You save time thanks to the centralization of your purchases and sales on Fastback VO. With a few clicks, you directly access the content of your motor pool and the available offers on the market.

Our support is fully complimentary. We are at your service and at your disposal 5 days a week from 9 am till 5 pm by mail or by phone.

Our supplementary modules

Manage your new vehicles (NV) stock as well as your commercial campaigns and other premiums given by the importer.

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You also wish to sell your customer’s trade-in vehicles ? All possible with Fastback Extended !

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