Fastback VN

With Fastback VN, you manage your new vehicle (NV) stock as well as your commercial campaigns or other premiums from your importer. In just a few seconds you get an overview of vehicles for which an importer contribution remains unpaid.

Your sales staff can browse the stock of several dealerships with just a few clicks by selecting the car model and options desired by the client (prospect).
You work with external agents ? They too can access your stock vehicles, view their price and get an option on a stock vehicle.


Our supplementary modules

You also wish to sell your customer’s trade-in vehicles ? All possible with Fastback Extended !

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The Fastback UV application is a solution that allows you to swiftly and efficiently manage your UV stock ! 

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Dealers and car traders that rely on us :

Dealer(s) Toyota
Dealer(s) Nissan
Dealer(s) Fiat
Dealer(s) Alfa Romeo
Dealer(s) Peugeot
Dealer(s) Multi-marques
Dealer(s) BMW
Dealer(s) Hyundai
Dealer(s) Renault
Dealer(s) Dacia
Dealer(s) Citroën
Dealer(s) Jaguar
Dealer(s) Land Rover
Dealer(s) Mini
Deale(s) Volvo